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We are the training entity for Africa, providing expert and quality training services to all chapters, members and interested parties, and in doing so helping with the fight against white-collar crimes. 

CFE 10-Day Preparation Classes

A 10-Day intense preparation course to assist you master concepts tested on the CFE Exam.

Enrolling in the CFE Exam Preparation Course will help you get the information and abilities needed to pass the CFE Exam. The CFE Exam themes of Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes, Law, Investigation, and Fraud Prevention and Deterrence will be easier for you to understand after completing this 10-day instructor-led course. This course will provide you an unrivalled combination for test success when paired with the CFE test Prep Course programme.


4-Day Review Course 

A 4-day review course is the revision of skills and knowledge you need to pass the CFE Exam.

The CFE 4- Day Review Course is designed to support the CFE Exam Prep Course by providing additional study materials. It is required of you to adequately familiarise yourself with the content from the CFE Exam Prep Course and/or to study the Fraud Examiners Manual on your own before attending the course.

Short Courses

With an aim to serve anti-fraud professionals of all experience levels, AFRICA Training Academy offers the best training programmes available. Attend short courses, offered both in-person and virtually, to get the knowledge and assistance you need from anti-fraud specialists to combat fraud skillfully.

Join AFRICA TA's professional trainers for short seminars and workshops to acquire new tactics, hone your fraud prevention abilities, and explore the newest subjects.

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